No matter where life takes you across this great world of ours, beef is always there. A savory, satisfying dish that always delivers the sizzle. A celebratory food that brings us all together. We source the world for some affordable beef to suit your palate.

Top of our list is a chilled premium grass-fed Angus beef which is flown in weekly fresh direct from New Zealand. This Riverlands beef is from the famous Angus cattle which is known for its marbling that creates a more tender, juicy and flavorful beef than other breeds.

For some who prefers a more consistent quality cornfed beef, our frozen Choice beef from USA will delight you on every occasion. The wonderful aroma from the fine marbling and smooth texture of the meat as a result of corn-fed cattle will bring out the best flavor, be it a steak or a casserole.

Leaner grass-fed beef from the lush Pampas of Brazil and Argentina will also be available for those of us who prefer a natural and healthier piece of beef.

Whatever your preference, you can be assured these meat are all approved by Singapore Food Agency and handled in HACCP and ISO22000 certified conditions.

Various cuts of beef are also available for different cooking including:

  • Tenderloin, Ribeye, Striploin
  • Knuckle, Topside, Rump, Fores, Brisket, Hump, Shin/ Shank, Shortrib
  • Tail, Tendon, Tripe, Liver
  • Veal - Loin, Leg, Shank 

For your convenience and ease of food preparation, you can also request for customized cubing, slicing and mincing as required.