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For natural, melt in the mouth texture, there is no further looking than lamb from some of the best farms around us in the South. Apart from having a wide range of frozen lamb cuts, we also carry chilled lamb which is air-flown in every week from New Zealand. 

We supply chilled Canterbury Lamb - from the Canterbury region of New Zealand. It is located in the central-eastern part of the South Island. Canterbury is a prime place for rearing lamb. This is accredited to its rich, river-drained soils and mild climate with plenty of sunshine. This allows grass to grow all year round so flock are free to graze throughout the year. The animals ae happy, healthy, and produce some of the best-tasting meat in the world. Apart from a full flavour and fine texture, Canterbury Lamb also has a healthy advantage. The happy, healthy lambs are power packed with nutrients. It has one of the best sources of iron, and is also a vital source of protein, B vitamins, essential minerals and zinc. Not to mention that this low in calories and high in protein lamb creates a satisfying meal that helps us feel full for longer.

Our Lamb is sourced from SFA approved countries including Australia and New Zealand. Perfect as restaurant quality lamb chops or lamb stews, we can process lamb in various cuts, including cubing, slicing and mincing for use in all kinds of recipes. 

We carry:

• Lamb Tenderloin, loin, frenched rack and chop

• Lamb leg, shank, shoulder, flap and tripe