For natural, melt in the mouth texture, there is no further looking than beef from some of the best farms around. Apart from having a wide range of frozen beef cuts, we also carry chilled beef which is air-flown in every week.


We supply chilled Ocean Beef –  full flavoured Angus beef born and bred in the pristine pastures of New Zealand surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. Fed with the best non-GMO grain, the cattle grow up in fields watered by the spring water from the Southern Alps, ensuring top quality beef all year round.


Our beef is sourced from AVA approved countries such as USA, Australia and New Zealand. Perfect as restaurant quality steaks or beef stews, we can process beef in various cuts, including cubing, slicing and mincing for use in all kinds of recipes.


We carry:

• Tenderloin, Ribeye, Striploin
• Knuckle, Topside, Rump, Fores, Brisket, Hump, Shin/Shank, Shortrib
• Tail, Tendon, Tripe, Liver
• Veal – Loin, Leg, Shank