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  • CHURO NZ OCEAN BEEF INSIDE (CHILLED) (250-500 / 500-750 / 750-1000G)

CHURO NZ OCEAN BEEF INSIDE (CHILLED) (250-500 / 500-750 / 750-1000G)


250 g

Ocean Beef is premium grain fed Angus beef that is raised with care in New Zealand. It is a unique product of an exceptional environment - the best grass, the best grains, and the freshest sea air. For the first 18 months, Angus cattle are free-range and graze on the lush green pastures of New Zealand. Thereafter, only the best are hand selected for Ocean Beef. They are brought to a feed lot located on the shores of the South Island, lead an idyllic life, are fed a GMO-free, high quality grain diet, and enjoy the salt sea air. These comfortable cows also drink natural artesian drinking water made by snow from the Southern Alps. This sustainable process ensures a consistent quality meat and superior eating experience every time. Air-flown straight from the lush green pastures of New Zealand to you!

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